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       Polyaluminium Chloride
       Polyferric Sulfate
       Magnesium sulfate
       Calcium chloride
       Ferrous sulfate
       Germicide And Algicide


PAM for short, molecular weight: 4 million-18 million, it is white or yellowish powder, liquid state is colorless viscous gel, easily soluble in water, can break down if the temperature is higher than 120℃.

It can be widely used in metallurgy, papermaking, petroleum, chemical, textile, oil dressing and other fields.
Polyscrylamide is divided into: anionic type, cationic type and non-ionic type.
1.Advantages: PAM can be used in sewage treatment with high efficiency, less dosage, low cost.
2.Application method: PAM can be used alone in water treatment, or used with PAC.
3.Packing: Lining plastic bag, with plastic composite film woven bag outside, net weight 25kg per bag.
4.Protect from damp, it should be kept in dry and clean place.

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